Pembrokeshire Care Society

The Foyer Project

Helping young people into housing and employment through our foyers located across Pembrokeshire and beyond.

The foyer project

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Click on the green button below to visit our interactive house, where you can click on a brick and view information about what individual or what business made the donation towards that brick. Watch the house develop as more bricks are added and we edge closer to our goal.

Our Values

The Foyer Project is an initiative pioneered by the Pembrokeshire Care Society (PCS). As a charity we strive to support anyone in our local community who is either homeless or faced with homelessness. We believe everyone deserves to be given the chance to build or rebuild their lives, brick by brick.

Our values inspire, challenge, and motivate us as an organisation. They permeate the work and behaviour of everyone at Pembrokeshire Care Society and underpin the decision-making process. Our values are represented through the 4 P’s:


Pembrokeshire Care Society believe in people and are committed to developing the skills and unlocking the full potential of our service users. We work to empower those affected by homelessness to make decisions, set goals and gain confidence so they can shape their own futures.


Pembrokeshire Care Society is committed to tackling the underlying causes of homelessness and social exclusion. We believe that we can play a pivotal role in early prevention, through educating and engaging young learners in collaborative work to understand the social and economic factors that lead to homelessness. Through this understanding, young people will realise their role in creating a more ethical and caring society that supports and provides service to others.


We are an active organisation in tackling homelessness - working in partnership with government, local authorities, the private sector, churches and other voluntary agencies. Together we achieve the best possible outcome for people experiencing homelessness. Working through an integrated approach we believe in offering the support, education, and skills so that service users can be the best they can be. We believe in equality and opportunity for all, so that every individual can live a life that is both fulfilling and rewarding.


Pembrokeshire Care Society believes it has a purpose to respect the dignity, justice and rights of all. These rights must be upheld and safeguarded. Within our organisation the duty to consider and uphold the rights and responsibilities of staff, volunteers and service users is paramount. Our partners and trustees have a right to expect a consistently high level of service and integrity. We are committed to delivering it.

How We Will Achieve This

Our Prevention strategy will play a central role in The Pembrokeshire Foyer Project. It aligns to the wellbeing goals and principles as set out in The Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act, 2015.

The seven goals of well-being: